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August 23, 2021

Why Hennessey Sound Design is our ultimate #1 choice


Point Source Loudspeaker Technology with Hennessey Sound Design


Here at Tiaga Sound and Lighting we have the mission to delight our audience at every event we produce. Our decision to make Hennessey Sound Design our point source loudspeaker of choice is part of our formula to achieve that goal. As professional audio engineers we decided to support their genuine effort and amazing execution to raise the bar for amplified sound. Check out or AV Rental Services page and learn more about the equipment.

Like any low-end frequency enthusiast and audiophile we took notice of Hennessy Sound Design early on in our quest for the best sounding point source loudspeaker system. Our shared passion for accurate low frequencies, innovative design, and smart engineering became the obvious partnership we wanted to create with HSD. Loudspeaker cabinet design is no joke and takes years of R&D to perfect. For us it was  beyond simply choosing the speaker that make the “best” sound possible. We needed an intelligent audio solution that had properly employed construction techniques to the equipment so it can survive the rigors of long haul of touring and set up. The next reason we went with HSD was because we need a speaker that can meet the demands of modern music. The sonic satisfaction HSD speakers provide for artists and audiences is what fuels us for every event we produce.

When a promoter and event producers sees the automatic smile of an artist who learns their set will bellow out stacks of Battleaxes, they know they made the right choice. Crowds know the sound and can feel the difference as the earth shakes down to 30hz. No other system we have heard can compare! Simply put the point source sound system Hennessey Sound Design has created is unparalleled. If you didn’t already know we operate two full sound systems, one on each coast of the USA that you can rent from us.

We look forward to speaking with you about bringing one of systems to your event. Check out our upcoming events to find where you can take a listen and feel the difference for yourself.  Making memorable experiences for you and the audience with this amazing rig is our goal and we hope to hear from you. Reach out and connect with us on socials and fill out our contact form to get answers for all your questions.

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